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  Dear visitor of this homepage,

first, it's a pleasure for me that you've chosen this page out of billions of other possibilities of a far more fabulous and stimulating content. Therefore I'll preserve you from illusions, because you will only find facts about me, Reiner M. Herzig.

Basing on no exhibitionistic intentions, I want to be a part of this growing institution called >internet< and it's possibilities for everyone. I just need some attention: With the coloured buttons above you can get to the main sides in this homepage. They stand for the main interests of mine. The favourites of them are >architecture< and >music<. More personal information you find under >trends<, >memories< or >friends<. Contact is possible under >opinions<.

Check out the various aspects of the items with the buttons on the right side. You always get back to the previous main page with the button in the right corner. Enjoy your visit ...

Reiner M. Herzig


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